Blue Ridge Monitoring believes in the highest standard of excellence. We have been in the business of providing wholesale monitoring services since 1994.

Our Staff

Not only do our premises and equipment meet exceedingly stringent requirements, but it is expected of our staff to meet the highest of standards as well. Our management staff has an average of 25 years of experience in monitoring, while Blue Ridge Monitoring has provided service for over 15 years in all aspects of central station monitoring. All of our operators are SIA Certified and possess superior customer service skills. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day-BY PEOPLE-friendly people. That's why we're called "The Central Monitoring Station with Personality!"

We understand that your customers demand quality service. Our goal is your satisfaction--that means a higher standard of excellence for your customers.

Our Technology

Blue Ridge Monitoring seeks to provide the best service and most reliable products to our customers at an affordable price. We utilize the latest in transmission/communications methods including telephone, cellular network, regional long-range radio network, and IP. Blue Ridge Monitoring provides your company with an unmatched ability to monitor most existing alarm technologies. Our systems and facility back-ups ensure uninterrupted service around the clock, giving you the most reliable service available. Fully staffed technical engineering services are also provided onsite in the case of an emergency.


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